Wednesday, February 17, 2016

testing ~~

abandon this blog for so god damn long.... 
Just trying out to see still remember how to post a blog post .. lolx

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

wat a hectic day..

lots of form to do and filing is like a pilling mountain now.. so huge then its suffocating me..

supervisor says she will employ another gal to lessen my work load..

lunch at cp today.. had you ji soup and rice.. not having mee suan today..

awhile later.. receive hubby sms.. says watching "Immortals" tonight..

wanted to go buy Koi b4 coming back to work.. but the q is ridiculous long.. so sad.. i so craving for the glass jelly milk tea.. so long since i last had cus of my cough.. when then i can have it.. sobs..

time pass fast.. alrdy time to end work..

tk bus home.. waited for hubby to b bk home while playing with my naughty RT..

he's so cute la.. bu kuei is my son.. got my genes for "tan chi".. "pai zhao".. " and alot more.. haha.. but bad is temper is like hubby.. haiz.. now i need to use cane to teach him..

prepare then go out.. meet up with joseph at amk hub.. he poor thing la.. so early reach le.. then loitoring around..

went to shop around b4 movie start.. and such a coincidence.. bump into arus.. mark.. caroline.. thomas.. this time luckily i feel more better when saw arus.. its really my fault last time to end the rs.. make him feel so miserable for months.. but luckily now he found caroline.. wish them happines.. talk to them for awhile.. n its like u walk everywhere also bump into them.. lolx.. after awhile more.. bump into my sis n bf.. lol.. she show me her belly.. oh my.. so daring of her to go for belly piercing.. haha..

time pass and movie starting.. went to q for drink b4 going in..

OH My... wat a bloody show.. make me kanna shock for few times.. its so cruel to see how the battle is.. bloods.. dead bodies.. and funny is.. God will die.. !!!

movie ended..

Hm sweet Hm ...

reach hm.. RT is alrdy asleep.. so i went to bath and slp.. not even after 30mins.. yes.. im disturb by hubby n awake again..


Tuesday, November 22, 2011


hmm.. kind of feeling sad..

duno y recently.. we so lack of communication..

he jus edit pics till late.. where as even i try to stay up till 1am.. he still wanted to edit pics till ard 2 then slp.. just wat is going wrong.. the feeling is so not like last time..

hmm.. im so sad..

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dearest Birthday Today

today is hubby birthday..

going to cp buy him a cake..


n now i then know kiddos trick do work on adult... haiz =(

Friday, November 18, 2011

In between feeling

early morning.. i receive news from "him"..

He's getting married tomorrow to Anzeal.. duno i shd b happy or sad.. i really hate him alot.. but maybe i shd b blessing him since he also found his miss right.. shd i?.. hmm

*laichuang.. so im late for work today... lol.. reach office just settle down then went to canteen and buy breakfast.. no breakfast = brain cant work..

talk to HL.. cus i guess she still hate him like i do too.. cus he's her fren.. and its like unknowingly matchmake me n him tog last time.. past is past.. though there are all happy moment which i cant get from ... now.. hmm.. maybe last time stilll young.. lots of things to explore..

get down to work when bf is finish.. lots of data entries.. filing.. Hubby talk to me so happily.. hes so happy with the sketch pad just that haven try editing pic with it.. he say tonight will do.. guess tonight i share stay up late and wait for him since its fri and tml no work.. else he start asking me.. izzit dun love him anymore.. why i now jus go to slp so early.. nv chat with him.. nor hug him slp or watever..

its only 4.15pm.. 5.30 then end work.. but i guess i'll OT till 6.30 or 7 .. addrin will be accompany me.. haha.. ok .. shall back to work.. or fb liao..

Friday, November 4, 2011


Was disturb by hubby last time ard 1am when me slp.. i just ignore him even though he try to tickle me.. talk to me make me awake.. n touchy abit.. i jus total ignore and slp back.. in the end after raynar awake for milk milk ard 3am.. im awake.. he dun wan slp too.. so i move him to mil rm yao yao him slp.. and something stricks my mind.. so i "bao cou" disturb hubby up at 3am plus.. haha.. instead i disturb him fully up.. hee..

Morning.. alarms rings.. as usual wash up and get dress.. lazy to make up.. haha.. so as usual a kiss for hubby b4 i go work every morning.. but today i decided to have a kiss fr hubby b4 i go work.. so i disturb him up.. indeed i've gt a passionate kiss from him.. yeah~~ happy mood to start my day..

left hus ard 8.10 and i manage to catch the bus when i reach bus stop.. reach office buy breakfast and start work..

had fav petai with tiff for lunch today.. yummy.. time pass kinda fast time to knock off.. walk to bus stop cus 10mins waiting time.. after i reach hm.. pack bao bei stuff wait for hubby to reach hm.. in the end.. at 8pm he finally reach n he told me he tot i wont b so stupid to wait till so late whn i told him i wan to go bk mummy's place!!!!

reach mummy place.. so im blogging now.. hee

Thursday, November 3, 2011

1st Post for Year 2011.. lolx

oh my.. i have abandon my blog for 1 year plus.. no choice life is getting busier each day.. Little Prince has grown up alot.. he's now 2year and 1month plus.. he and hubby is really my motivation for my job.. seeing their picture every moment really brighten up my day..

Life at work is stress as the forms are neverending..

Family till now is still so-so.. im still trying hard to accept things and stop imagining lots of unnecessary things to create problem for hubby again.. He's already try very hard to prove to me everything..

But nevertheless.. god is still good to me.. the people around me.. all so nice.. pamper and so sweet to me..

I'm a contented little Gal.. hee

Saturday, May 8, 2010

2nd day of work.. uncle chow is here to fetch me to work.. so nice of him.. fetch me fr my hus here.. so i can save money on transport.. hee hee.. chatted with him on the way to work.. ask me wan go for breakfast ma.. but i prefer to tk a nap inside the car.. haa.. reach office.. start to do my things.. linda teach me incoming fax n mail de procedure.. hope i can rem.. haha.. time pass fast.. 12.30pm.. time to go hm.. loh came over to my desk tell me can go le.. so i jus shut off my pc.. then clock out.. uncle chow is waiting.. haa.. ask me where nearest can send me to.. n he reply.. i can send u to yr hus there.. so happy.. haha.. chatted with loh on the way bk.. exchange fb contacts.. lolz.. he get off the car le.. so left me n chow.. tk a short nap b4 reaching hm.. n b4 i alight.. chow says.. mon morning.. same place here wait for me can le.. yeah yeah~~

reach hm.. rest.. play with raynar awhile.. waited for hubby to reach hm then go out tog..

Friday, May 7, 2010

morning woke up at 7.30am.. first day of work so i tk cab down.. haa.. so damn lazy maybe due to nv work for long.. haha.. reach office.. waited for manager to gif me things to do.. jus 1/2 way she told me bringing me along to yard ask me get ready.. 15mins later.. we set off.. went to east coast for lunch first.. had penang hor fun.. nice.. jus abit ex.. haa.. after that headed off to yard.. reach there she jus introduce me the place n ppl.. everything is done.. going bk.. but i saw the time is alrdy 4plus.. 5.30pm end work.. reach office can jus rest awhile then go hm le.. nothing much for the 1st day..

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

7.30am in the morning.. woke up.. was hao face went to the econ buy newspaper.. not going to wait for the stupid com to call me.. rather start finding new job.. hee.. bb raynar is awake also.. so i play with him awhile b4 go buy my stuffs.. 15mins over.. faster walk over to buy.. bought newspapers.. sweets.. potato chips.. drinks.. bought all stuff.. n walk 1/2 way then notice where's my breakfast.. 4gotten about it.. haiz.. so go bk hm.. eat maggie mee.. lolz.. after eating.. job hunting starts.. call one of the com and ask me to go for interview.. so i jus continue searching.. another one is jus send resume in.. so i jus try my luck send in my resume.. after that not much job.. so i went bk to slp awhile..

30mins later..
receive a call.. it's fr the com which i send in my resume.. ask me go for interview.. so i prepare go for interview.. tk cab as im not sure the route.. lolz.. reach le.. waited awhile.. saw a gal also come for interview.. my turn now.. GD luck..

and Yeah.. i've gt the JOB.. fri start work.. hee.. tk cab bk hm.. reach hm.. play with raynar awhile b4 go bk slp again..